What is the best blogging platform for a podcast or a video blog?

I’m an attorney in California and I’ve set up a new domain to market my practice. I want to make it a podcost or a video blog that will have short audtio and/or video clips short legal tips.

I’ve been experimenting with imbedding video on my 360 page. I also have a blog on my regular law office website that is powered by is okay, but I am looking for recommendations on the best blogging platform to do a podcast or video blog.

I’m sure that I will need to host the video on a third party such as YouTube or Yahoo video, but I should have enough storage space and bandwidth to host the MP3 files on my own site. Any suggestions?

2 Responses to “What is the best blogging platform for a podcast or a video blog?”
  1. Marina Hole Said:

    Use wordpress on your own site and host the videos for free on google video so that you won’t waste your own bandwidth.

  2. Rylee Ling Said:

    Hi, I’ve used for video podcasts – they have a very helpful forum and template pages you can use to get you started.
    If you just want audio podcasts – is a good site as well.

    I’ve found the best site for all things podcast related is

    I didn’t store the video podcast on my site, I just put a hyperlink from it to my ‘page’ on but if I did this regularly then I would consider storing them on my site. If you create your videos as MP4 or AVI files, they shouldn’t take up too much space.
    If you are going to be publishing a lot of video podcasts from your site – it will be the continual requests for these files from users, that may cause problems in terms of your bandwidth and site performance.

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